Michalis Socratous


Michalis Socratous

Secretary General
Union of Cyprus Municipalities

Dr. Michalis Socratous is considered a prominent expert in the fields of educational administration, program development, public sector management and evaluation. He holds a BA in Education, MAs in Program Development, Education and Public Sector Development and a PhD in Educational Administration, Measurement and Evaluation.

From 2004 to 2010, Dr. Socratous held academic position at the University of Cyprus, teaching courses related to educational administration and public sector management. He also conducted research in the fields of program development and evaluation, educational leadership, and policy analysis. Furthermore, he provided professional guidance to graduate students and supervised dissertations. Dr. Socratous has published a significant number of academic papers and has participated in academic conferences.

In 2010, he transitioned from Academia to Local Government, undertaking the versatile role of Latsia Municipality Director where he oversaw all aspects of the municipality’s operations and services, including finance, public works, and community development. He developed and implemented policies and programs to improve the municipality’s liveability, managed and supervised a large staff of municipal employees and coordinated with community stakeholders, local businesses, and government agencies.

Since 2022, Dr. Socratous has been serving as the Secretary General of the Union of Cyprus Municipalities. His role entails, among other things, representing the Union at national and international for a, developing and overseeing programs to strengthen the capacity of municipalities, coordinating with government agencies and civil society organizations to advocate for local governments and managing and supporting the work of the Union’s staff and committees.